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SikaFlex QDBBC

(Quick and Dirty Boat Building Contest)

Door County Maritime Museum - Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

Contestants have 2 sheets of 1/4 inch plywood, 6- 2x2 boards, and lots of SikaFlex adhesive to build a boat in under 4 hours.  Decorating is the next day and there is no time limit.  After completion, all contestants must take their boat around a water course.  Scores from the building time and course time are them totaled to determine the winners!  All materials are donated by Sika Industries and Palmer Johnson Yachts.  Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of the boat building.   I think we were enjoying watching too much.

Pictures from the 1999 "competition"

Sika Flex 1.jpg (51297 bytes)

Contestants gathering for the final judging and melee.

Sika Flex 2.jpg (27800 bytes) Sika Flex 3.jpg (28987 bytes) Sika Flex 4.jpg (32031 bytes) Sika Flex 5.jpg (46173 bytes)

Contestants running the water course.

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